Bringing Rocketry to the Masses at Seattle's Mini Maker Faire

Earlier this year, I applied for the Seattle Mini Maker Faire on behalf of North Seattle College’s Engineering and Rocketry Clubs, and we had an amazing time hosting an exhibit at the Faire in August. Our exhibits included Magnetic Slime, build-your-own bottle rockets, and displaying the Rocketry Club’s L3 and IREC rocket builds.

We made amazing connections with kids of all ages; our youngest rocket builder was 3 1/2 years old, and the magnetic slime brought smiles to everyone’s face, both kids, parents, grandparents, and educators. The bottle rocket portion was designed to encourage kids to make design and engineering decisions about their own rockets. We fielded questions from attendees of all ages about how the magnetic slime worked, and got lots of folks interested in the chemistry and physics principles that created the fascinating reactions they saw.

My proudest accomplishment during the weekend was making connections with local makers, educators, and event coordinators. The clubs received an invitation to exhibit at Museum of Flight’s Maker Night, and we are super excited to invite many of the exhibitors to the school to give presentations and tours to the clubs during the upcoming school year.

All in all, the event was incredibly fun, and I was proud to represent North Seattle College’s STEM programs to a wide audience. I sincerely hope that a tradition has been born, because it was a wonderful and rewarding experience.